Monday, November 1, 2010

About Time!

Remodeling of Kitchen underway----What a mess! I will show after pics, but, I'm afraid that is going to be quite some time from now!

This is my sewing machine mess! I really really have been busy, honest! Amidst the remodeling going on and the Craft Fairs and sending dauther #3 off to Russia for a mission, I'm not sure if I'm coming or going!

This is a new little dog I've created. he's about 7 or 8 inches total length including ears and legs. I thought he was kinda cute....??

Giraffe a baff went to a baby shower in Columbia, MO. Hope they liked him.

This little monkey also went to the same baby shower.... He's hanging around over there now. I think the swing got to him!

Climbing out of the box.

Climbing out of the box...

Little monkey getting ready to go for a swing...

This is only the beginnings of the sewing I was doing for the Fall Craft Fair at Church on the 30th of October.
I was really busy the whole month of September and October! Not really sure where the time went but, I can attest to being super busy! How people find time to post and do all that they do, I'm not sure.
Hope this Monday finds everyone in your world doing a-okay.
Gotta love a Monday.... wish it included some zzzzzz's...