Friday, April 16, 2010

When I wake up

I'm going to get back to the living. I've only been asleep for a while. Let me mourn for the loss I have suffered. It isn't asking too much to allow me some time. I will come back and probably pick up the pieces of what is left. I only needed some time. This was a hard one. I have to admit. Took me a while to get used to the idea of him not being there anymore. Still have yet to return and feel the emptiness. I'm going to get that opportunity next weekend.

The stuff I've been working on and keeping myself busy is not for sale. It is a whole host of Krinklekids(my creation), to give away to children 0-12 months in our church nursery for baby day. I've also crocheted 5 sets of 10 fish (all the colors of the rainbow), to go to children 2-3. Now, I've got to create 10 patchwork stuffed balls for the 1-2 year olds can play with. That should be awesome fun for them, don't you think? While I work on this stuff, I forget.

Someone wants to know about my etsy shop. I've not figured it all out yet. I'm a little slow. Bear with me. If you have a need for the things I make, or if you'd like to see the things I've been working on, check out my facebook fan page: owlishlycute. I also have a flickr account. Right now, most searches there can be done by typing in Amigukid. Those are my crochet amigurumi pals. I really do need to get a new camera to start taking better photos of my work! Ugh! It's all so overwhelming to me.

Contact me by email: or you can join Facebook, and become my friend there: Martha Harwell Adams. Owlishly cute will take you to the fan page I created.

Have a great week.