Thursday, August 28, 2008

More vacation photos

Here's some more....

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Vacation Over :(

Yeah, it's over. But, we had some fun! Here's some pics...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Been a while

This is a tabby cat charm.

It's been a little while. I'm getting ready to post some pics of the most current things I've been working on... here they are! The little pink cat is going shopping. The blue dog is Grady and then there is the yellow bear (he's my grandbaby Hudson's get well bear--Hudson is getting ready to have tubes put in his ears :( ) Then the Black Bear loves Coke Zero don't you know? The little guy in the window is the newest and I've labeled him the Bryton Get Well Doggie--cause Bryton burned his little fingers upon touching his other grandma & grandpa's lawn mower muffler! Oh dear! He's okay though. It's been a few days and he acts like he didn't do anything! These little guys bounce back so quickly! Well, we're getting ready to leave on Vacation! Can't wait! Do so need one!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August already?!

Wow, the summer is flying by quickly! It has been crazy and out of control! Just kidding. I returned from my major weekend duties including the presenting of all 16 slide show presentations for all 16 speakers at this past weekend's experience, and I am exhausted! But, had a delightful time nevertheless. Now, I'm looking forward to VACATION! Yes, again vacation! Going off towards the north this time to get away from some of the heat and humidity! I'm so looking forward to cooler evenings and mornings! I'm venturing into a new arena this fall, going to join a Taeqwando (not sure if I spelled that correctly!) class for over 50. Yes, I'm that old! Anyway, will be taking that every Tuesday and Thursday! Isn't that exciting? Well it is to me! I haven't made much of anything since about 4 weeks ago, so you see I have nothing new to post here as far as projects go that is.

Well, off to work I go!