Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August already?!

Wow, the summer is flying by quickly! It has been crazy and out of control! Just kidding. I returned from my major weekend duties including the presenting of all 16 slide show presentations for all 16 speakers at this past weekend's experience, and I am exhausted! But, had a delightful time nevertheless. Now, I'm looking forward to VACATION! Yes, again vacation! Going off towards the north this time to get away from some of the heat and humidity! I'm so looking forward to cooler evenings and mornings! I'm venturing into a new arena this fall, going to join a Taeqwando (not sure if I spelled that correctly!) class for over 50. Yes, I'm that old! Anyway, will be taking that every Tuesday and Thursday! Isn't that exciting? Well it is to me! I haven't made much of anything since about 4 weeks ago, so you see I have nothing new to post here as far as projects go that is.

Well, off to work I go!