Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th!

Well, it's Friday and the week is over again? Wow! Okay, I have been working on making things, but, I haven't posted the pictures. Since I've been on here, I've made a cool looking diaper bag and a couple of burp cloths and changing pad to go with it. I've made an over the shoulder bag for my daughter in law and I'm working right now on two shopping cart covers for a friend. The other thing I'm getting done this week is I'm making a puppy amigukid, he'll be added to my collection. We'll be posting several items up on the Owlishly Cute Etsy Shop soon. So you'll have to check us out over there as soon as I get us up and running. I'll get back here tonight and post some pics! Be watching! Happy Weekend to you all!