Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Family Reunion!

We had an awesome time at our familly reunion! My dad turned

95 years old! And he is doing pretty good. We also celebrated 2 of the family turning 40 (the baby of the family turned 40!) and one of my sisters turning 50! So, we are a scattered range of ages in my family! You have to be with 11 kids! Here's a photo:

The siblings with Dad Harwell. Left to right Back Row: Hugh Jr, Mary, Sylvia, Doreen, Emma.

Front Row: Nancy, Martha, Hugh Sr., Marilyn, Carol

Missing from the photo: Valentina & Esther.

Now here is one with the Grandkids: Though many were not here this day:

What a bunch! Too many to try to name!

And finally here's our in-laws:

Left to right beginning with Back Row: Gerald Brewer (Mary); Terry Duncan (Carol); David Parker (Emma); Carl Edwards (Marilyn); Curtis (Martha)
Front Row: Gena (Hugh Jr); Hugh Senior sitting down; Rory (Sylvia)
Everyone enjoy the gathering!